Naming – What do you think?

I have had many suggestions for the name of my gastrostomy tube.  I’m so grateful to everyone for all the effort that has been out in. A fellow blogger, Elaine, has gave me a name that I’m rather struck on.  The name Lavita, which means life.  Rather apt.  For me the tube gives me a […]

We have some suggestions

Further to my post yesterday asking for help to name my gastrostomy tube. I’ve had some suggestions. Names suggested for my tube so far: Lucy Oscar Mr mouth Miss persnickety Sir foible Madame violet Lady lightsaber Little Lizzy Richard Percy pipe Gastro Gordon (after chef Gordon Ramsay) Garfield Sybill Gourmet Gastro Gastro Gourmet Cordon Bleu […]

Help! My gastrostomy tube still has no name

  With all the hospital admissions since my gastrostomy insertion.  I have neglected to do something rather important.  Name my tube.  This is a task I would normally have done almost immediately after getting in in. So I’m asking for HELP –  I’m looking for ideas for a name for my gastrostomy tube – you know […]

Back home and boy does it feel good

I’ve been out of the hospital for 10 days.  It’s been a mixed bag of a week.  I’m feeling ever so much better – with worse episodes in between, if that makes sense.  The good periods make the unwell, sickly and painful events bearable.  I can go for that. My amazing district nurses have been […]

Intravenous Antibiotics is The Way Forward

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m having some quiet time with my family.  My mobile telephone rings.  I instantly see it’s a call from the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.  I answer it, it’s the little lovely young GI doctor, Alex, I saw on Thursday.  Your swab results are in.  I hear him say.  The oral antibiotics […]