Hello there I’m Elizabeth I’m an average 50 something year old lady with a passion for writing and photography.  I have a tremendous love for my family and dogs and try my best to live life to the full.  My glass is half full not half empty and will always try and look for the best in everything no matter what hand I get dealt.  A few years ago I wasn’t feeling very well and didn’t think too much of it, until it really did start to affect not only me but those around me in different ways.  My life has really changed, as has my husbands, since very fortunately for me has decided to stick around.  Something that has really helped me along the way is keeping a diary.  This has also emerged into a blog.  Voila ~ this website.  I feel really pleased you are taking some time to read it. if you enjoy it please pass it on to your friends.  There will be many posts coming along as time goes by, please feel free to comment and share your opions.  Even if it is a criticism.  I can cope with that – I promise.  The daily blog stuff is on the home page and just runs on, search the site as you want.  Also I have put links for my twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram.  If you want to hook up – please do.

I said I hadn’t been feeling well, what made me persist to go to the doctors?

After losing nearly three stone in weight, dropping several dress sizes. Desperate measures were needed to find out what was going on. Constantly running to the loo, or NOT and shitting myself was becoming an everyday occurrence. Three weeks in hospital and several tests later a word I had never heard before was mentioned – carcinoid. I was asked to collect my pee over a 24 hour period in a container that resembled the one my folks used to get paraffin in. All tests done and back at the hospital. On one of the visits the consultant asked about my red face and neck. ‘How often does this happen’ he asked. Thought about it and realised it was five or six times per day. This flushing, the diahrea and the elevated 5hiaa urine test all concluded – carcinoid syndrome. At first I was put on three injections of octreotide (sandostatin) per day. I was taught to self inject. After a couple of months I was transferred to a four weekly long acting injection (sandostatin lar). One year later at a consultation with my doctor I explained the last week was horrific, it was the feeling that the injection had lost its ‘magic’ – after all my diahrea had decreased from 9 times per day to 4 and the flushing reduced to once or twice per day. I then got the injection every 21 days. I have now been transferred to lanreotide. Works similar and get it every 21 days.

My consultant introduced me to a charity – The Ann Edgar Charitable Trust. They offer a great support network to people in Scotland affected by Nets and carcinoid syndrome. Through the charity a few of us have got together and shared experiences. Lovely bunch of folk.

I would like to raise awareness of Carcinoid Syndrome, Neuroendocrine Tumours (Nets), Neuroendocrine Cancer through this blog. It won’t be all medical speak. Life is for living, and I do want to have some fun.


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  1. Hi Lizbeth,
    Thanks for following The Goal List! I appreciate your honesty in this blog, especially about your experiences with the NG tube (as a dietitian I have experience helping people with them but I don’t always get to hear all the stories about them, sometimes only the problems – It’s nice hearing both positive and negative). I’m glad you feel comfortable sharing those stories because I think it can help other people who are considering tube feeding with their medical team. Thanks for being a part of the community! We’re lucky to have you in the blogosphere. 🙂

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    • Hi there, thanks so much for your comment. It’s always good to get feedback from healthcare professionals such as yourself. My hospital dietician and community dietician are great and offer a great deal of advice. My nurses that come in to my home to see me three days a weeks are a fantastic support, not only to me but to my family too. Please feel free to share my experience with patients or potential tube patients. Nothing quite like hearing how someone else is getting on. Have a good day 😀

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  2. What a roller coaster you have been on health-wise. Glad you have health professionals and the charity on your side to help get things sorted. Thanks so much for the follow on my travel blog. I look forward to exploring your blog too.

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  3. Ironically I discovered you had followed me on Twitter the day after my lumpectomy. I am very lucky that it was found early on by a mammogram and the prognosis is good but it has made me more aware of the other forms of cancer. It is wonderful to read of your positivity. A glass half full is always the best. Love Liz


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