Neuroendocrine Cancer

In this page I’m going to give some information about Neuroendocrine Cancer. I will provide links so you can read further. This is a cancer that many people know nothing about. It affects my daily life tremendously and those around me due to the symptoms and now life limiting circumstances I live in.

However, despite feeling pretty rubbish on a lot of days, having very little energy and having to make major adjustments I’m still hear to tell the tale of net cancer – my travels, fun on our harley davidson, writing, photography, etc. I won’t get any better, and what I have is incurable so for now I’m making the most of what I’ve got. And enjoying it. I’m ever thankful to the wonderful staff at the NHS for their tireless putting up with me. Wonderful nurses coming in to the house giving injections, changing my dressing, servicing my peg feed, etc.

Let’s get on with NET Cancer