Healthcare Company seeks CS Patients

Well we are 7 days into the year and I am feeling fairly positive.  We have had a trip to the ballet, booked a foreign holiday, we have a lovely wedding to look forward to.  Both Steve and I will be celebrating our 50th birthdays and our 30th wedding anniversary.  We will have our usual trips down to London for my hospital appointments: hopefully take in a show while we are there.  Yes a lot to keep well for.

My nurse was in today to clean my peg site and do my dressings.  We have come to the conclusion that we have almost cracked the timing of the feeding regime.  I’ve got my pump speed up to 150mls per hour and go through 2 litres of Peptamen in 24 hours, and bolus my other feed at 200mls per time.  Finally managing to get some oral consumption.  Not a lot, but something.  Getting the calories in is the main issue.  On top of the diarrhea and flushing symptoms I have with my carcinoid syndrome the drop in blood sugar levels and the malabsorption cause havoc. Hence the need for consuming so many calories.

Today has been a typical day, nurse in, hubby doing lots of chores, feed on, etc.  I’ve had some quality time to myself, got some writing done and some surfing on the net.

Whilst I was on the net I had a wee peak on Facebook, on the NetScotland page there was a posting that was of interest.  A particular healthcare company are looking for patients with carcinoid syndrome to interview.  Ideally interviews to take place by end of January 2016.  If you are interested in reading about this please click on the link below:

I’m sure patient input will go a long way into assisting the education at the 13th annual ENETS annual conference.




3 replies to “Healthcare Company seeks CS Patients

    1. Thanks: the travelling won’t be ideal. But the flight is only three hours it takes longer to get to my hospital trip in London on the train (that takes 4) and we are still in the same country. How are you? 😃


      1. I’m doing well. I, too, am off on a foreign adventure soon. I feel so blessed to be healthy enough to go. I expect to have lots to blog about when we get home, so I’m glad you’ve decided to follow! 🙂

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