Help! My gastrostomy tube still has no name



With all the hospital admissions since my gastrostomy insertion.  I have neglected to do something rather important.  Name my tube.  This is a task I would normally have done almost immediately after getting in in.

So I’m asking for HELP –  I’m looking for ideas for a name for my gastrostomy tube – you know my feeding tube that goes into my stomach.  All name ideas greatly appreciated.  I will collate the names and then make a decision.



My tube is essential to me.  It’s became part of me now.  And the the routine we go through has became the new normal. For me the tube is so very useful, it feeds me my special formulated feed through the pump 10 hours through the night, for 8 hours of that I’m in my bed, I’m pump fed 3/4 hours in the morning and 3/4 hours in the afternoon.  I also bolus feed through a syringe.    My feed provides me all my essential nutrients and vitamins, as well as calories and energy.  Both pump and bolus feeding help with my malabsorption and gaining weight.  If my gastrostomy tube was a human being on the benefit side it would be a generous provider.

There can be a downside.  It appears to have a mind of its own.  It leaks at time.  I get infections, which at times gave caused me horrific pain, hospitalised me and I’ve needed IV antibiotics.  The tube needs to be kept clean.  Disposable parts need changed.  If it were a human being perhaps I would say it was high maintenance.

Please feel free to comment and suggest a name.  I’m so looking forward to NOT calling it tube.  Can’t wait to read your thoughts.

8 replies to “Help! My gastrostomy tube still has no name

  1. Let’s see. I assume Little Lizzy is out of the question because you would have already thought of that. So, who eats 8 hours a day non-stop OR is opposed to that sort of thing. 🙂 Richard, after Richard Simmons….after all, even a tube shouldn’t eat 8 hours a day. 😀 How about that? hee hee hee 😀

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  2. I’m thinking a name like “Garfield” after the sweet plump cat in the cartoon by the same name. Garfield is always dreaming about delicious pans of lasagna as he lies in his cat bed.

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  3. I suggest Olivia, Livia or Lavita which all mean life. If you don’t care for any of those, there are also food inspired names such as Suzette (as in crepes suzette) or Cookie, but perhaps you would prefer Brandy or Chardonnay instead. Then there’s Ambrosia. In ancient Greek mythology, consuming this drink of the gods was said to lead to immortality. I look forward to hearing your final choice!

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  4. Our Papa has one of these, and he had all the problems you listed. Hopefully he will be getting it out in a couple of months – doctor wants to make sure he’s not going to have a relapse. I’m going to suggest “Sybill” because the tubes seem to have multiple personalities! Woof!

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  5. Hi there, thanks for your contribution. I loved the idea of Sybill – rather appropriate. I went with Lavita meaning life since the tube for many of us is a life line. How is your Papa. Good news he should get his tube out in a few months. Not so good he has had problems. I will have my tube all the time due to the malabsorption caused by my carcinoid syndrome. Have a great day. woof woof right back at ya 🙂


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