Third Time Lucky?

its been one of those weeks.  Tuesday I was finishing a weeks course of antibiotics for the infection at my peg site.  This was the second week.  After the first week, there didn’t appear to be any difference to the discharge.  Now on day  15 the discharge was more purlent, the quantity increased, the dressings soaked through in a shorter period of time.  My nurse came to the house to administer my lanreotide, as well as change my dressing and clean the peg site.  She asked how I was feeling, I told her truthfully , I felt awful, the pain in my tummy was getting worse.  She commented on my palor.  She took a swab of the site and advised me to get in touch with my GP.

I contacted my GP the next morning by telephone, we chatted, I had an appointment to see my net specialist that afternoon, she said she knew I was feeling really poorly but it was better I went to the hospital to see the prof.  I did.  He was great, as usual.  Listened to what I had to say, asked me and Steve some questions and then decided it would be a good idea if I saw my GI consultant that day.  He made a few phone calls, walked with us and escorted me to a hospital bed.  Within less than ten minutes a GI doctor was at my bedside.  He took a further swab, and gave me the option of taking medication in hospital or at home.  I opted for being at home of course.  So it’s a third week of antibiotics four times per day.  Fingers crossed its third time lucky and they do their job this time.   We are waiting on the swab results, which will most likely be Monday.  My community dietician telephoned me today to see how I am, she will come back to the house in two weeks.



Sometimes when you feel pained and unwell it doesn’t matter how many folk you have around you, you can still feel alone – particularly at this time it’s good to know folk care.