Such Kindness over the Easter Weekend

As we all know and expected this Easter Weekend is somewhat very different.  With most of us being in isolation and being asked to stay at home.  I expected to feel lonely and miss the activities that I had been expecting to do and the people I was looking forward to seeing. However, there were a few folk that did some very nice act of kindness towards myself, Steve and my labs which made me feel very special, loved and happy.  Certainly not lonely at all.


Just before Good Friday, my nurse was in to service my gastrostomy tube and change my dressings.  As well as check on my well being, and see how I am doing.  As my nurse was leaving that day she left an Easter card for Steve and I and doggie treats for Buddy and Bella – all in a lovely Easter bag.


I got a special FaceTime from my 4 year old granddaughter Alexandra to let me know she had drawn pictures for us.  She had done a special rainbow for our window and would post it through our door.  Her dad sent a text of her holding the picture.  I was so excited to get it.  Words cant explain how much we miss seeing her,  She usually visits every weekend and when you are used to seeing a grandchild on this regular timing, this lockdown period feels like lifetime.  She is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I was in hospital for 12 weeks with sepsis and hardly saw anyone however I felt poorly and had no sense of time on many days.  This is different.  However, with the technology we have and keeping a positive attitude we can get through this.  Chatting on FaceTime and sharing what we have done throughout the day makes me smile, we laugh and sing, I just love my FaceTime time.








We have had a relaxing Easter weekend.    Writing, gardening (for Steve) some tv and lovely quality time together with the labs.  I was in the Wetroom putting on my creams when I heard Bella ‘friendly barking’ so I ignored her.  Half an hour later I went through to the kitchen to put on my feed.  As I reached for the pump I noticed my mobile phone had several notifications.  As I sat down to read them, I noticed one was a message from Danielle.

Danielle has been my friend for at least 23 years.  We have been through a lot together.  I know if I message Danz and ask can you please come here she will come.  I have been there for Danielle emotionally and I know she will be there for me.  Again I am so grateful for technology so we can chat ad text.  So what did the message say?  It said.  “I’ve  left something at your front door xxxx”. What was left?


The most beautiful canvas, of course it is zebras.  And cakes for uncle Steve.  He will love them.  Tonight I will light one of Natalie ’s candles and give her an extra special thought, not that she is ever far rom my mind.

A massive thank you to my special people this weekend, you are what keeps me going.  You all know me and what makes me tick.  Why, perhaps its because I love you guys let you into my heart and you know what makes me happy.

Why zebra?  Neuroendocrine cancer is rare.  Zebras are rare.  When doctors are getting trained they are told

  • when you hear hoofbeats.
  • Look for horses not zebras

Many charities and people with net cancer adopt the zebra as their mascot.


My beautiful rainbow picture all coloured in.  Up in my window showing with pride.



Natalie Ann’s Candles



6 replies to “Such Kindness over the Easter Weekend

  1. Lizbeth, I am so sorry to hear of your medical ordeals, I had never even heard of Nets, and sepsis oh dear that is serious and no fun either. Thank you for sharing, and informing. Your granddaughter is beautiful! I hope you will be able to spend time with her soon. You must be such a special person to have a 23-year friend such as Danielle, and that zebra painting is lovely, too.
    Sending wishes and prayers for your health & happiness, and looking forward to more reports from your corner of the world ~ Peri.

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    1. Thank you so much Peri. Net cancer is very rare. Carcinoid syndrome is even rarer. I drew the short straw. Yes my granddaughter is my blessing – I miss her very much. I have a very special friend in Danielle. Thanks you for your well wishes and prayers. Sending them right back to you. Take care – hopefully speak again Lizbeth

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      1. Lizbeth, thank you so much for the wishes & prayers, always welcomed! I do need to smile each and every day (sooo important, we are on the same wavelength there!) so you will definitely see me around : ) Smiles to you today! Prayers & spring flowers, too💐 ~ Peri


  2. Your post made me smile and realize the things I love in my life. Your granddaughter is so stinkin’ cute!!!!! I hope you are able to feel okay during this very unstable time. One of my best friends has or had cancer and I worry about her every day. I say “has or had” because unfortunately every time they think it is gone for good, it comes back. She is a fighter though!!!!!Prayers to you

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    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment. Yes my granddaughter, Alexandra is a real beauty and has a wonderful nature too. I pray your friend continues to be cancer free. Unfortunately my treatment is palliative, however it has made me appreciate all I have in life. Sending you prayers and best wishes


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