Too close for comfort

Home from my stay in hospital.  Sitting with my feet up, Steve’s making us coffee and I’m sneaking a look online.  Checked through my emails and see a reminder of our next social meeting at the pub in Edinburgh.  When my consultant gave me the card for the charity I wasn’t too sure.  But after meeting folk in the same boat and getting to know each other, I get a lot out of our Nets Scotland – Anne Edgar charitable trust  social gatherings.    We chat together, share experiences, laugh and generally support one another.  I check the date of our next meet up, it’s Steve’s birthday. We will go for a wee while and I will get Steve a cake.  Thinking of meeting up – I was looking forward to seeing everyone.

Later that night I get news that knocks me for six.  One of the members of Anne Edgar Charitable Trust – Net charity has passed away.  Damn it – she was one of my favourites too.  A genuine person.  Caring with a sunny nature.   She was diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome just over 5 years ago.

I am upset at the news of her death.  I will miss the emails we send each other from time to time.  We will all notice her absence at the next social gathering.   Most of all I will miss her smile and comforting words.

I feel fortunate that our paths crossed and am grateful for her coming into my life.  She was truly an amazing lady.  My heartfelt condolences go out to her family.

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