Some happy news

This week was a tiring mixed emotional one.  My hospital admission.  Death of a friend.  Body and brain in overdrive.

Sunday brought happiness and celebration.   Our youngest son, Stuart, arrived at the house on Sunday lunchtime with Christine and Grace.  After the usual blethering and noise for the first five minutes.  Stuart announces he asked Christine to marry him and she said yes.  As parents Steve and I are so pleased that things are going on the right track for the youngsters.   We always worry about our children and I think more so the older they get.  There is something frightening for a parent when a child reaches that independent age and starts heading off in their own direction.  Our philosophy is not to interfere or tell them what to do.  We would rather support our boys and let them know they are loved and we are there for them 24 hours a day.  I can still hear my mother say I worry more about you now you are an adult than when you were in nappies; my boys are 25 & 27 and I can definitely relate to this comment.


Stuart, Christine & Grace     Stuart, Christine & Grace


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