Our bikers BBQ

Already we are half way through the year of 2022. Finally after the last few years of PPE, mask wearing during covid and lockdown we are getting some normality in our lives. Covid will never disappear however we are dealing with things and actually getting out meeting each other and it feels so good. Most of us have missed out on something in our lives, a celebration, graduation, that wonderful holiday we had planned. Sadly there has been difficult times where we have not been able to be together and sickness has kept us at arms length. I most certainly cannot fault the way I have been treated by our good old NHS. My treatment has never stopped or home visits from my District nurses right through the pandemic. Now that time has moved on many people are planning trips to other countries, including three of our friends from Switzerland. Whilst on their trip to Scotland we managed to finally have our bikers BBQ

I am fairly certain that covid will not leave us in a hurry and at the moment it is rearing its ugly head. With a notable increase in diagnosis again. However that is most likely to us all mixing and going out on adventures. A very large majority of us are vaccinated, it won’t stop us getting covid but should hopefully lower hospital admissions and death rates. I have been extremely grateful for the care I have had all the way through. The vaccines I have had. And the continued care and management I get with my cancer team. When I am up to it I enjoy time with buddies and going out on the Harley-Davidson® with my hubby.

The final week of June is always an eventful one for us. A birthday for Steve and brother in law Alan. So now three years later our buddies could finally ride their NC500 trip, travelling from Switzerland on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We were so happy to spend the final three days with them. Hear of their travels, have a BBQ at ours, go out to The Hard Rock Cafe in Edinburgh, and on their final day travel with them on their way to the ferry and visit Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle. What fun we all had.

The BBQ was great fun, we chatted, laughed, there was lovely food cooked by head chef Steve. A warm fire pit for those that felt the chill in the air. Steve, Deke and Ewan treated us to some tunes and kept us entertained. I am pretty sure everyone went home with full bellies and pretty satisfied and happy. Our dogs loved having everyone round.

The most important thing I have learnt from hitting the brick wall that day and hearing the words incurable is life is for living. I love and value my family, good friendship and spending some time to get out and see the sights can be energising. However, I do so enjoy taking time for myself. In the way of putting my feet up, sitting in silence and enjoying a jolly good rest with my most beautiful labradors, Buddy and Bella.

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    1. Yes Rosaliene it was a super fun trip. And like you I think we have to get used to living with coronavirus and take every precaution we can to protect ourselves. But yet still try to carry on living. Have a good day

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  1. What a great adventure! We also decided to take the chance and get back out there. After some wonderful trips, the odds caught up with us and both the Hub and I have Covid. But on the plus side, it’s during some non- travel weeks at home on the beautiful Isle of Arran. We’re both still very ill, but what a great place to recuperate.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes it was a fabulous adventure. Great you got out and about too. Sorry to hear you are ill after getting covid. Sending you all the very best wishes. Take care x


  2. Absolutely enjoyed this post. I have been battling cancer for 3 years now. I am Blessed to live in Toronto and am being treated at Princess Margaret Cancer Center. One of the top five in the world. Love your positive attitude and I look forward to reading more of your works.

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    1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by. My what a beautiful comment – thank you. I am really heartened to hear you are getting treated at a super cancer centre. I am so pleased with the care and compassion of my healthcare professionals too. How are you today? I hope you can keep that frown upside down and find the time to find something to smile at each and everyday Take care Lizbeth


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