Doddie Aid is back and I’m walking with Bella

It’s the beginning of 2023 and what better time to tackle something. Push myself through the barriers and spend quality time with my precious beloved beautiful Labrador Bella. Doddie Aid is back and I’m walking with Bella to help raise awareness of Motor Neuron Disease (MND). This amazing event not only raises awareness, gets everyone together, helps encourage exercise; no matter if you can take a couple of steps or run a marathon you can get involved. You certainly don’t feel excluded. Doddie Aid 2023 raises much needed funds for My name’5 Doddie Foundation which invests in research to find treatment for MND.

In the year of 2017 the gentle Scottish giant Doddie Weir told the world he was living with MND. Being the person he was he wanted to raise awareness, educate others and help find a cure for this disease.

Doddie may no longer be physically present on this earth. However he will always be in our hearts. The work he started will carry on in many others. You only have to look at the photographs and film footage to see what joy and hope his presence brought amongst others. The look on faces full of grit and determination.

Doddie Weir you were a strong courageous man. I will be taking part in this 6 week event with privilege. Now that Doddie Aid is back I will be walking with Bella rain, hail or shine. Fingers crossed we will clock up some miles for Team Edinburgh.

One reply to “Doddie Aid is back and I’m walking with Bella

  1. Well written as always sister . I am proud of you pushing yourself to do this , considering your own health issues . But , you have always had grit and determination and live as full and normal a life as possible .
    You and my ex colleague Trisha inspired me to take part in this six week challenge and Jed and I look forward to accompanying you and Bella on a walk soon .

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