Spring forward to Easter and smile

The clock has sprung forward; the one time when we don’t mind losing the hour’s sleep through the night. The spring lambs are running around joyfully in the fields and the yellow daffodils dancing in the March winds a welcoming sight even on the coolest of days. This coming weekend is Easter. Will the Easter Bunny leave an egg in our house?

I am looking forward to the month of April and hoping the temperature will increase; after purchasing a small amount of seeds and plants I am eager to get more in the pipeline. There are some beautiful violas now in the hanging basket at the front door, ready to give visitors a colourful greeting. Alexandra and I planted some sunflower seeds, my 7 year old granddaughter’s delight when the first plant poked a little green sprig through the compost was priceless. If I could bottle her excitement when she called on me on Monday morning I’m sure I would make an awful lot of people feel very happy when they heard or saw this; best medicine in the world – being together, happiness and love.

Have a wonderful Easter. If you can, keep that frown upside down and smile each and every day.

Take care

Dr E

Elizabeth x

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