Keeping Me Company

As we know the  restrictions  on the UK during Covid-19  

are continuing over the Easter weekend and well into the rest of April.  Although I’m missing my visitors coming to the house I have been enjoying the FaceTime calls and many texts and emails I’ve been getting.  The messages really keep me going and cheer me up.

So who do I see?  Who was keeping me company.  My only visitors are my nurses; they come to check on me, service my gastrostomy tube, change my dressings and administer my octreotide treatment every 14 days.   I live with my hubby,  and our two labradors, Buddy and Bella.  Buddy is a great help he knows when my sugar level is low, or  when my heart rate is playing up.  Buddy and Bella are two beautiful labradors Buddy is a stunning fox red and Bella is a lovely little yellow lady.  They are husband and wife; We have bred them together twice and had 21 babies.  They are wonderful company, give the best cuddles.  Im glad the dogs do give the best hugs at the moment,  its a really weird time.  Even my own home surroundings that are so familiar can feel very alien and so damn well lonely a lot of the time.  I’m so pleased I’ve got my hubby and dogs at home and my regular face timers, phone callers and folks that text and email otherwise I would be feeling like if I didn’t die of Coronavirus I may die of a broken heart or loneliness.




One of our nurse’s has taken a shine to our labs and gave them an Easter present.  They were chuffed.

That reminds me I better get something for my loyal lab’s Easter and order their food on” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Amazon


The one thing the dogs and I love is listening to music in the kitchen.  We just say Alexa play “a certain playlist” from Amazon Music . Bella is a dog that likes to sing, Buddy is a dog that likes to dance.  They really are amusing and great company.

Right now there is a special offer for three months on the subscription.  Click on the link below to see.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>amazon music


8 replies to “Keeping Me Company

    1. Thanks. Yes positivity all the way on my journey in life. And this bump in the road is something sent to give us all a lesson in life I believe.

      Thanks for the comment about the expression – and all duly noted I am aware and should have mentioned in my post the correct saying. It’s just the way my ma used to say it to us. When she was bringing us up she taught us to respect others and remember all within reason came out similar and had a chance in life and should try. Guess she used to shorten it to Jock Tam’s Bairns but thinking on it – I think I should Change it to the correct saying …. thanks for mentioning it x


      1. If it was good enough for your ma, it’s good enough for me, Lizbeth!
        I live in France and was talking to a lady I met.
        She told me, somewhat nervously, that she was Jewish.
        My reply: Nous sommes tous les enfants de Jock Tamson, madame.
        Which I admit took some explaining!

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