Thunder in the glens

Since I was a young child I have rode on motorcycles. The noise of the bike engines, the smell of exhaust fumes. Getting caught in the rain, remembering when travelling on a bike you can only carry small amounts. Familiar helmet flat hair. Years before health and safety set in; I would sit in front of my brother with my legs wrapped around the tank at 4 years of age and have a little ride on his motorcycle. Oh what wonderful memories. My first ride on a Harley-Davidson®, I would have been 13 years of age and on the back of a family friend. We called him Tam Harley. Steve and I have been riding together since we were 17. Started on a Suzuki, when we got married we had a Honda, we have had Kawasaki’s and BMW’s and now 39 years later since biking together we are our third Harley-Davidson®. For us Harley-Davidson riders the last weekend in August is a special one. We attend the fabulous bike rally in Aviemore Thunder in the glens.

As a child growing up bikes were prominent. The rally Thunder in the glens (TITG) hosted by Scottish HOG® Chapter Dunedin #9083. The rally is in Aviemore Scotland. For me this place is a very special, growing up I visited this town often and went skiing, wild swimming, hillwalking. Had so much fun skiing down those glistening white slopes. My heart beating so fast whilst I was racing downhill wishing I could beat the clock. Once again for me Aviemore brings passion, warmth exhilaration. The four seasons in an hour hasn’t changed. I have merely switched my walking or skiing clothing for biking gear and layer up and strip off as necessary. With the exception of Friday we are certainly blessed with warm and sunny weather for bank holiday weekend weather for Scotland. It was so lovely to go around in a t-shirt on Saturday after the mass ride out. And when we were up the mountains on Sunday the sun was shining. Thunder in the glens at its best.

The Three thousand sell out three day rally is in its 24th year. The mass ride out on the Saturday gets a great deal of participants on the pavement, in their gardens along the route, in the fields, etc. Families waving, smiling children. It is a happy day for many. The Sunday ride up the Cairngorm mountain is an emotional one for me, it brings back many happy memories of my skiing days. As well as a very sad occasion when I lost a friend on the mountain. The great thing about being able to sit on the back of the bike is you can sit and take in the view, which no one can deny on these routes is a beautiful one. And you can relax and think of all that has gone by over the years. The Sunday afternoon at the rally site there were charity rides. Where volunteers were giving rides around the site on their Harley-Davidson for a donation to charity. In the evenings there was an absolutely amazing choice of live music to choose from.

As well as my hubby being the Safety Officer. This year on the Mass Ride Out Steve was a road Marshall it gave me a chance to take photos when we were at the junction. I got a super opportunity to take photos of riders, some with their flags flying high, others waving and smiling.

While up at the rally you can stay on site, stay in a Macdonald Hotel or camp. Or choose to stay somewhere else and travel to the site. Whatever you choose you are usually guaranteed to have a super time. If you are away and want to listen to something on your phone, I found the perfect item; its one of the World’s Smallest Alexa Built-in Waterproof Mini speakers You can buy it from Amazon. You connect it to your phone, listen to it anywhere, anytime.

2023 will be the 25th anniversary will you be there?

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Safety is paramount. Make sure the battery on your vehicle is in good order. The battery guys have great deals – check them out.

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9 replies to “Thunder in the glens

  1. Such a wonderful post filled with fun memories and beautiful pictures (I see smiles despite the rain~way to be!). I have a Harley story. At 36, 16 years ago, my then-husband and I were riding our Dynaglide in a rally. A woman broke through a barrier and came into our 300 bike group. Rather than colliding, he chose to take the bike down on its side. We left 70ft of skid before I flew close to 40 ft off the bike. Thanks to God, we survived. Now, diagnosed with NET, I never would’ve dreamed all the pain from the wreck would mask what would be identified just this year as something else I’ve battled. But I’ll never give up! And I got back on one for a while and always loved to ride! I’m glad to meet you!!

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  2. Such fun. Thank you for sharing. Here we see many royal Enfield bikes. I have not seen Harley-Davidsons. We bought an Ind-Suzuki bike in 1985. We enjoyed it but now it has been a while since my husband rode it. When my husband’s students meet him, they say they always remember him on his bike 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Motorcycles are brilliant fun. And so memorable. We have a lot of different bikes here in the UK – spoiled for choice. Our first bike was a Suzuki. Have a great day

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  3. Looks like the trip might give you a reason to smile each and every day—I’m a little more cautious and probably not be smiling so much. You’re following my blog brought a smile though and I hope it can bring a smile to you.

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