Busy October

I have been living life quietly over the last 3 years. However what I did promise myself after the diagnosis of carcinoid syndrome – was that I would try my best to keep busy, as long as I was able do as much as possible. Knowing it was a case of managing symptoms rather than curing them my life philosophy is make the best of it. October has been a month of trips, seeing people and reflection. I have most definitely had a busy October.

Most of the readers will know my husband has a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We are members of The Dunedin Chapter. Steve enjoys going out on runs, when I am up to it I accompany him. There is a social side too, this October we had a lovely night away in a hotel and saw friends of the club at The End of Season Bash. Sadly on the same weekend we attended a funeral.

The funeral of someone we know that has had a heart condition for a long time. New of a death never comes easy. Steve and I went to his ‘Celebration of his life’ service. It was most definitely him. If you can say a funeral was beautiful then this one was. From the drive up to the crematorium, in a lovely setting to his eulogy and the dancing and clapping to the music of The Entertainer was comforting.

I had a trip to Bristol mid October, was there to interview a family and staff at The Bristol Children’s hospital. I wrote an article on virtual reality for physiotherapy in children. You can see the article Here. I felt privileged to be involved. Also wrote a post in my Blog Spot

Found time to attend a wonderful Halloween party with grandchildren.

Today I am sitting with my beautiful labrador Bella. Tonight I will be a couch potato and watch Celebrity in The Jungle on TV.

It has been an enjoyable and busy October.

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